City of Salisbury

Salisbury Council encompasses an area of 158km² with our main offices situated at 12 James Street, Salisbury. The City's population has grown from about 86,000 people in 1991 to more than 130,000 people today. The Council comprises the Mayor and 16 Councillors. Two Councillors represent each of the City's eight wards.

The City of Salisbury recognises that our community and its economic growth are bound by the capacity of the environment to sustain these activities. The focus of Sustainable Futures is to build on our strengths and work together in shaping a sustainable future with ‘excellence in building a community of opportunity and spirit in a quality environment.’

Sustainable Futures contains the following key directions which provide the key strategic directions for the City:

1.     The Prosperous City; Supporting the future of our city.

2.     The sustainable City; Providing built and natural environment.

3.     The Living City; Encouraging and supporting a thriving and connected community.

4.     Achieving Excellence; Enhancing and sustaining organisational capacity.

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