Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

Children and young people are at the centre of everything we do. The Department aims to support every family so all young South Australians from 0-18 years of age have the opportunity to become happy, healthy and safe members of our community.

Our key functions are to:

Oversee early childhood care and services for South Australian families

DECD works with all families early in their journey to support parents and ensure the individual needs of each child are met. We partner with the Australian Government as well as the community sector and local government to integrate all services, with a relentless focus on providing high quality teaching and learning.

Provide services that benefit children and families

DECD oversees the provision of local family day care, preschool education, children's centres, out of school hours care programs plus health and wellbeing services for families.

Lead and manage South Australia’s education system

DECD manages South Australia’s public education system, with the goal of delivering world-class primary and secondary education in all areas of the curriculum. At the local level, we want every child to achieve their potential, and we see families as our partners to ensure each and every child leaves school with strong skills and a positive outlook. Public education will be there for every child, all of the time.