Holiday Chess Club

Chess Club SA run a school holiday program at the end of every term here at The Mawson Centre. Normally the first wednesday of holidays, kids enjoy a day of chess play and friendly tournament activities.

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The seven greatest benefits of chess

  1. Focusing • Children are taught the benefits of observing carefully.
  2. Visualizing • Children are prompted to imagine a sequence of actions before it happens.
  3. Thinking Ahead • Children are taught to think first, and then act. Over time, chess helps develop patience and thoughtfulness.
  4. Weighing Options • Children are taught that they don’t have to do the first thing that pops into their mind. They learn to identify alternatives and consider the pros and cons of various actions.
  5. Analyzing Concretely • Children learn to evaluate the results of specific actions and sequences. Decisions are better when guided by logic, rather than impulse.
  6. Thinking Abstractly • Children are taught to step back periodically from details and consider the bigger picture. They also learn to take patterns used in one context and apply them to different, but related situations.
  7. Planning • Children are taught to develop  goals. They are also taught of the need to reevaluate their plans as new developments change the situation